About Us

Castaways Resale Stores were created to change the standard of thrift and resale stores everywhere. Our team decided that resale stores did not have to be run down, dirty, bad smelling stores with unfriendly staff and a lack of quality product. But instead we decided to provide our clients with a  clean, organized, always smelling great, over friendly staff with extraordinary treasures on every shelf!

We want each one of our clients to leave our stores taking away not only quality merchandise but we want you to also leave with that warm fuzzy feeling inside because of how well you were served while shopping in our store.

Here at Castaways all of our staff have HUGE hearts! We care about every client who comes through our doors, but our heart strings reach so much further then that! We have a heart to serve those in need inside of our community. All of the proceeds from the store go to serving at-risk families in our community and to support local non-profits that serve them also.

Castaways Resale Stores is a non-profit 501(c)3 so when you donate your gently used clothes and goods to our stores not only are you rescuing at-risk families in our community but you also get an AWESOME tax write off at the end of the year!

Castaways is the new standard for resale! We are, quality resale with a purpose!