Our Cause

Castaways was birthed out of the organizational leadership of God Behind Bars Inc. We created this store to provide resources to the mission and vision of God Behind Bars and other local non-profits like it. Beyond providing resources we are able to support inmates, their kids, and other family members with clothing, household goods, furniture, and other needs. We are also able to provide jobs to those we serve to give them an opportunity at starting over and providing for their families, ensuring that they succeed spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Castaways goes beyond the mission and vision of the incarcerated and their families by partnering with local non-profits and churches all over the country to serve the ones they serve. Everyday all over the country non-profits and churches are serving individuals in need of clothing, furniture, and household goods. Castaways provides vouchers to those non-profits and churches to give to the clients they are serving so those that are in need have a place to shop for free to fulfill their everyday needs that otherwise would not be possible.

Imagine being a single mom and not being able to buy school clothes, Christmas gifts, or simple household needs for you family! Well now through Castaways they will be able to shop on us. They will receive a voucher to the store to come in and purchase what ever their needs may be in order to provide for their family.

Or imagine not being able to find a job anywhere you look. Imagine feeling stranded and abandoned by society. Imagine not being able to provide for yourself or your family. Through Castaways we want to be able to provide hundreds of individuals with a brand new purpose in life. Thru our on the job training program we are able to train and employ individuals with top of the line skills and outstanding customer service that allows them to obtain gainful employment in our community.

We believe 100% in second chances and new beginnings. We believe that all of our clients are ready for life change and seeking an opportunity to change theirs. Castaways is that opportunity. By partnering with us, you are providing that opportunity.

When you support Castaways by shopping at our store, donating your gently used clothes and goods, or giving financially you are supporting thousands of people in our community.

From our team to you, thank you for partnering with Castaways to rescue at-risk families in our community.