Let’s Talk Turkey…and Thankfulness

Family and friends. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Turkey and dressing. Football. Reflection. These are all symbols of Thanksgiving, and many of these traditions hold a very special place in our hearts. While celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we’d like to share some history of the holiday and our extreme gratitude for being a part of our Castaways family.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated 396 years ago after the pilgrims’ first harvest in the New World. President Lincoln later proclaimed it an official federal holiday in 1863. Did you know that the term “Black Friday” first appeared in The New York Times in November of 1975 to describe “the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year”? Castaways Resale Store will have a big Black Friday sale again this year, but we’d rather talk gratitude.

Statistics show that children with an incarcerated parent are 85% more likely to go to prison. That’s why our mission is to reunify families, provide those incarcerated with employment, and reconcile relationships. This empowers incarcerated parents to succeed and allows their children to flourish. You’re a big part of our movement to #endthecycle. Whether you support Castaways as a shopper, donor, or volunteer, you impact our community and the lives of those we serve. 

The Castaways family is grateful for your love and support; happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!